All parents face challenges and uncertainty. Every parent strives to handle the day to day  parenting challenges with greater ease. Parents are asking themselves am I doing this right?  

I have spent the last 30 years helping families  as a parent educator, coach, and child development specialist. Whatever your circumstances, challenges or worries I can help. My coaching and classes help you gain confidence in yourself as a parent and experience the joy of parenting. 

Parent coaching and consulting are evidence-based practices that are highly effective in assisting parents in gaining insight into their unique circumstances and navigating through their challenges You can gain an understanding of your child's development and behaviors and you learn to respond effectively. 

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What is Parent Coaching and Consulting?

What are Parenting Classes?

As a licensed teacher in parent education, I specialize in a variety of parenting topics and facilitating parenting groups. Classes offer an opportunity to meet other parents with children similar in age.  


Jane M Scully 

Licensed Parent Educator

Child Development Specialist

Certified Parenting Coach

Mother of Four

Call to schedule a free consultation to see if coaching might be a fit for you 651-307-0467.

What parents are saying?

Mother of 6 and 8 yr old.

"Thank you Jane, you are an incredible teacher. Such a kind compassionate listener.  I learned so much and will be forever grateful"

Mother of 2 year old. 

" I didn't want to parent in the same ways my parents did.  I found myself sometimes not knowing how to do it differently. Your coaching helped me to learn new ways to parent."

"We tried out the few things you suggested last week and saw an immediate shift in James behavior.  He is hitting and kicking much less."

Parents of 3.5 and 1 yr Old