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Parent Coaching

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching and consulting are evidence-based practices that are highly effective in assisting parents in gaining insight into their unique circumstances and navigating through their challenges You can gain an understanding of your child's development and behaviors and you learn to respond effectively.


Professional parent coaching is a compassionate collaborative partnership which provides support, encouragement and insight. The process involves gaining perspective and understanding, determining outcomes you want to achieve and developing an individualized plan to promote change.

What will I get out of parent coaching?

Coaching is personal and tailored to your needs. It is convenient and fits well into a busy life style.  Through this individualized process you will become empowered to create the relationships and home environment you want. Coaching will build on your personal strengths and help you build confidence as you work through the day to day challenges .

What is the benefit to my child?

When parents are able to navigate effectively and respectfully through challenges, they promote the healthy development of their children, help children self-regualate and build resiliencty.  

Where will the coaching sessions take place?

Coaching can be done by video chat, phone or in person. Coaching sessions are typically 30-60 minutes. To get the maximum benefit of coaching, clients schedule 4-6 sessions, depending on individual circumstances and needs.


Will you meet my child?

Coaching is predominantly done with parents.  Under some circumstances meeting your child can provide helpful insite.


What does coaching cost?

All participants receive a free 20-30 minute session to see if coaching is a fit.

Regular coaching fee is $90 for a one hour and $50 per 30-40 minute session. Your coach is also available for brief consultation between sessions via email or phone with no additional charge. Cost should never prohibit your goal to be the best parent you can.  Contact Jane at 651-307-0467 to inquire about a fee adjustment. 


How do I begin?

Coaching begins with a complimentary phone call or in person interview designed to review your needs, answer questions, and decide if coaching is a fit for you.  


If  we discover together that coaching will be a good fit,  we will proceed with the first planning session. Typically it will take about 1 hour.  This session sets the stage, designing a plan with goals and the approximate number sessions to achieve the goals. 


Subsequent sessions are usually weekly (or every other week) to give you

time to implement points of action. Recommendation is 4-6 sessions. 

These ongoing sessions last about 30 to 40 minutes.


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